Precision engineering born in Germany
and now satisfying customers all over the world.

The history and development of a special family business

Founded in 1959 by Albert Stulz Sr. in Morsbach, Germany, Montaplast is a mid-sized company representing five decades of experience in the production of plastic precision parts and systems - first for household appliances and now for the automobile industry. When Montaplast of North America, Inc. was founded in 1992 in Frankfort, Kentucky, the family business moved into a new and expansive phase. Since then, Montaplast sales offices and development centers have sprung up in Detroit, Suzhou, Nagoya, London, Paris, Stuttgart, Munich, and Cologne. In 2006 a third production location was added, the Montaplast Automotive System (SIP) Co., Ltd. in Suzhou near Shanghai.


1959 Company foundation by Albert Stulz Sr.
Manufacturing of plastic precision parts for household appliances
Start of the toolshop and extrusion technology
1968 Introduction of vibration welding of plastic parts
1979 Start of the lost core technology
1980 Start of the first paint line
1985 Introduction of CAD and CAM systems
1990 SOP of the first plastic air intake manifold in lost core technology for Porsche
1992 Opening of the Sales and Engineering Office in Detroit
1993 Foundation of Montaplast of North America, Inc. in Frankfort, Kentucky
1999 Inauguration of the technology center at the head office in Morsbach
2006 Establishment of Montaplast Automotive System (SIP) Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, China
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