The Montaplast System

Seamless integration of all components - that is the Montaplast System.

When a product leaves Montaplast, often after years of careful planning, development, and constant improvement, everyone involved can say that it was a genuine team effort, a result of proven know-how and utter determination to bring the project to fruition. A product of this quality is only possible thanks to a highly sophisticated communications and manufacturing system.

We know that delivering an optimal result depends on the constant and thorough exchange of information among all specialists - from project management, through development and production, to packaging and logistics. There are three critical factors required to enable hundreds of skilled employees with extremely varied tasks to work together smoothly: Short communication channels, flat organizational structures, and a fine-tuned planning system that involves all participants and reacts rapidly and flexibly to the customer"s every requirement.

Quite a challenge - but one we have taken to heart. We call it: THE MONTAPLAST SYSTEM.