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You have been informed that data is available for you to be downloaded. By downloading these data, you confirm your agreement and compliance with the following "Framework Conditions for Data Exchange".

Framework Conditions for Data Exchange

  1. The undersigned is obliged to treat in confidence all information concerning the concepts and expertise of Montaplast which becomes known during the contractual collaboration, and not to allow third parties to access it.
  2. No transfer of rights on the part of Montaplast is connected with the collaboration entered into, rather these rights remain reserved for Montaplast in the relationship of the parties to each other.
  3. The undersigning party and his/her staff shall solely use the documentation passed on in the course of single tasks (e.g. layouts, samples, software, CAD data, CAD tapes, design documents etc.) for the intended/ordered purpose and may not allow third parties to access these in part or in whole. The same applies and in particular to the result and/or product arising from this collaboration. If, in exceptional cases, it becomes necessary to pass on information within the framework of business associations, written approval shall first be obtained from Montaplast before such contact is taken up with third parties.
  4. This obligation already applies in a pre-contractual period and likewise remains in force after the termination of any contractual relationship.
  5. In case of culpable infringement of the obligations of secrecy, Montaplast is entitled to demand recompense for all direct and indirect damages in each single case.


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