Thinking ahead puts us ahead

Our principle: "Think first - then act". Developing the right product from the very beginning saves time and money.

The automobile industry is definitely in the fast lane! While the range of models and variations is always growing, product and development cycles are constantly becoming shorter. But we cannot let quality suffer.

We have found our own answer to this challenge, one that is typical of Montaplast: When handling a request, the Project Manager immediately initiates the project management system. Tasks are clearly defined, responsibilities assigned, deadlines agreed, milestones set, and a project team is carefully formed. The team is a cross-section of all Montaplast divisions, from Development through Financial Planning and Production to Technical Purchasing. This team of experts clarifies the important questions quickly and precisely: What functions must the product fulfill? What components and tools are necessary? And - what will it ultimately cost?

Time is money - and the old saying is truer today than ever before. The Montaplast System means that if we avoid unnecessary kinks in the production process and start off in the right direction, we will arrive faster and more economically at our goal.

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  • Design & Engineering
  • Production Technologies
  • Tooling
  • Quality Management
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