Green - and other colors

Red, white, and blue paint finishes can also be... green! Just like our logo.

Take a guess why Montaplast"s company color is "green". Let"s see... is it because our high-tech plastic components make cars lighter and thereby protect the environment and resources? Because our modern machinery works with particular energy efficiency? Because our Morsbach head office nestles amid lush, green mountains? In fact the answer is simpler: Green was the favorite color of our company founder and that is why it was chosen for the Montaplast logo in 1958.

But you can rest assured that at Montaplast we do think a lot about the environment, especially in conjunction with paint finishes. Whether we are enameling, laminating, hot embossing, or tampoprinting, Montaplast"s surface finishes are trendsetting in every way. On our paint line we have been treating plastic parts with water-based paint systems since 2002. The advantage is that the environment is relieved due to a reduced solvent proportion. All our paint systems that we handle are constantly being optimized. With higher solid-body proportions and increased static charges we achieve a higher degree of separation on the part, reduce therefore sludge and relieve the environment.

Protecting the environment is our goal for numerous techniques that we employ: Where interior components are directly backmolded, adhesives are reduced. Where plastics are used on a nanotechnology basis, or multiple functions are integrated into components, weight is reduced. Where automobile parts are designed from the start to be recyclable, they can later be disassembled more easily and with a minimized environmental impact.

In other words, we know that the use of advanced technology is an investment in everyone"s future - and we consider it our responsibility to live up to our green Montaplast color.


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