One single production flow

Injection molding, welding, and assembly:
Leading-edge innovation gives Montaplast a decisive competitive advantage.

"Always stay ahead of the latest developments!" - Following Albert Stulz Sr."s golden rule, Montaplast has long been among the best in the world in injection molding, shell molding, and welding technology.

One example is the lost core process. We discovered the technology for extrusion-coating metal cores with plastic in the mid-80s in the sporting goods industry - and then applied it to the volume production of Porsche intake manifolds! The process has been continually perfected since then and still plays an important role at Montaplast. Our business activities also include multicomponent, functional, and assembly injection molding, highly developed processes of shell molding technology, gas assisted molding, and backmolding of films, textiles, and leather, as well as the fusing of different materials using ultrasound or vibration welding.


Injection Molding

  • Multicomponent injection molding (2K, 3K)
  • Foils and textile backmolding (IMD)
  • Functional injection molding
  • Assembly injection molding (MID)
  • Hybrid technology
  • Injection embossing
  • Gas assisted molding/water injection molding
  • Lost core technology
Joining techniques

  • Vibration welding
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Mirrow welding
  • Gluing

  • Lamination
  • Laser, ulrasonic, and manual trimming
  • Ultrasonic embossing and cutting
  • Printing (hot embossing, tampoprint)
  • Foaming
  • Gluing
Surface finishing

  • Painting with water based paints, PA, PP, PC, and PC-ABS
  • Automatic vehicle-surface paint-spray systems
  • Paint lines with up to 24 paint roboters
  • Galvanizing