Quality is on our plan

The secret of Montaplast quality: Total Quality Management.

At Montaplast, we prefer to prevent faults rather than discover them later! Total Quality Management from the word go guarantees that each component leaving our production facilities satisfies the very highest quality requirements. Terms such as Quality Function Deployment, House of Quality, or FMEA are not mere buzzwords at Montaplast: They are our way of life.

Montaplast is an official certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO/TS 16949 company, has frequently won the coveted "Supplier of the Year Award" from Opel/GM, has won the "Q1 Quality Award" from the Ford Motor Company and has repeatedly received excellent supplier evaluations from these and a range of top-flight auto manufacturers. Well, we are just a little bit proud of these accolades... however, we do not see our Quality Control system as a static process, but as an ongoing work in progress and we do not plan to let up for even for a moment.

This applies not only to the Quality Control Division. Each and every individual Montaplast employee is well aware of their daily obligation to keep pushing towards our Number One Goal - Quality!

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