Our Toolshop

Suitable forms for prototypes and serial tooling are made in our own toolshop, where all steps are controlled and monitored by up-to-the-minute software und CNC-tool machines implement complicated contours. Geometrical data from Development are converted online into NC programs for tools and models. We make know-how-intensive tools in our own toolshop and develop the necessary manufacturing technology.


  • CNC milling machines with up to 5 programmable travelling axles
  • Electrical discharge machining with automatic component und electrode charging
  • Heat treatment
  • Surface structuring and coating
  • Hot runner systems
  • Hydraulic systems

CAM systems

  • Unigraphics
  • WorkNC
  • GIBCam
  • Cimatron
  • Simulation & Testing
  • Design & Engineering
  • Production Technologies
  • Tooling
  • Quality Management
  • Green - and other colors